Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


You were right, our dance stole the show and we got lots of shouted-out cheers and applause! Everyone was surprised that we did an actual wedding dance and thought it turned out beautifully, looking as close to professional as they've ever seen. Our sincerest thank you for your guidance and teaching for our wedding dance.   Thank you very much!  Kornelia and Micheal Homewood

Got back from the honeymoon a few days ago and thought we would drop you a line to let you know how the dancing went. Put simply, it was great! I think everyone there was very shocked to see us really dancing. It kind of felt as if we were being followed by the paparazzi with all the cameras that were going off. We had a number of people commenting on how beautiful the dance was afterwards. It was a blast and we are so happy that we took lessons with you. We really enjoyed the lessons - you are a fabulous instructor at a fantastic price; it's a shame we are leaving the state otherwise we would want to take more lessons.   David & Michelle

Hi Ron,
We're back from Costa Rica, and the wedding waltz went great! We were surprisingly relaxed, and managed to stay with the music and chat the entire time. All the guests were thrilled of course, and especially went crazy about Tyson dancing. We even got to rumba a little! Thanks again for all your help! We'll pick up some dancing shoes and see you in the fall :)   Love Tyson & Lyndsey

Samantha and I recenty got back from our Honeymoon and we wanted to drop you a line. We had our Reception at the Hassayampa. Much to our delight our photographer asked if we would come up to the roof top for nighttime photos after dinner - just before our big dance. The rooftop was a FANTASTIC place to practice our dance with our formal wear on! We returned to the reception and after a few moments began our first dance. We took our time, keeping our pace very slow (which helped avoid stepping on the dress). We did turns, hesitations, and even double turns. It all went so perfectly! But, as you predicted, the real crowd pleaser was the double spin that we did at the end of the show. There were cheers, tears, and more cheers. It could have hardly gone better! We both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our dance lessons were fun, very functional, and in the end, they helped make our amazing wedding day what it really was - perfect. Thank you so much, we could not mean it more.  Joshua & Samantha

Dear Ron,
I'm not sure if your remember us but I just wanted to let you know that our wedding was beautiful. Everything went well there were no problems. Mainly, I wanted to let you know that our first dance together was gorgeous. It went so smoothly. Everyone was clapping and cheering us on. They were so amazed by our dancing. Jacob's dad who used to be a very good dancer and still enjoys dancing was moved to tears. He kept telling me to keep the dancing in our marriage. It was great that no one knew that we took lessons either because they were just floored at how beautiful it was. Thank you so much. Your help made our wedding that much more special. Our lessons even sparked our interest to pursue dance lessons as a couple. Again, thank you for everything!  Erin & Jacob