Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


Bolero is a very slow, beautiful, romantic, Latin dance. It is also known as the "Cuban Dance of Love" Bolero is an American style dance. There is no International version. Bolero has a very smooth, continuous and sweeping feeling. It is all about oneness, being one with your partner. The connection to your partner is critical to achieve this feeling.

Bolero is not as easy to learn as it looks. The slower the dance, the more skill it requires to dance. You have to be balanced and under control while moving as one, seeming in slow motion.

Bolero is danced in 4/4 time at about 21 to 24 mpm (measures per minute). It has a Slow, Quick, Quick rhythm. Even though it is a Latin dance, it is danced with more of a smooth dance frame. As with all Latin dances, toe steps are used.

Bolero is based on the slip pivot, although there are two unique movements in Bolero, the slip pivot and the side step.

The slip pivot is defined as "A rotation of the body on the ball of the supporting foot creating a pivot either forward or backward. (It does not travel)".

The side step is defined as "Lower straight down on the supporting leg on the first beat of the slow with the free leg extending to the side. The weight is then transferred with a lifting action on the second beat of the slow. This results in a slow sweeping action. (Bolero has no foot rise, just body and leg rise)".

The best true Bolero song I have found is "Perfida" on Olivia Molina's "Latin, Latin, Latin" CD. Linda Ronstadt's "Frenesi" CD has several songs that you can use, but they are what I call Rumba/Boleros because they are very slow Rumbas. True Boleros are hard to find. The arrangement of "Perfida" on the Frenesi CD is not a Bolero at all, but a Rumba.

Here are some suggestions for Bolero danceable music:

   Olivia Molina's "Latin, Latin, Latin" CD
          "Perfida" - Bolero
          "Te Quiero, Dijiste " - Bolero
          "Angelitos Negros " - Bolero
          "Sabor A Mi " - Bolero

   Linda Ronstadt's "Frenesi" CD
          "Alma Adentro" - Rumba/Bolero
          "Verdad Amarga" - Rumba/Bolero
          "En Mi Soledad" - Rumba/Bolero
          "Quiereme Mucho" - Rumba/Bolero
          "Te Quiero, Dijiste " - Rumba/Bolero