Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


I want you to take a special pill that will melt all of the bones in your body except your skull. If you do, you will have to use your body's muscles to maintain your body shape or you become just a pile of flesh on the floor. The pill doesn't melt your skull because there aren't enough muscles in your head to keep its shape (too scary).

How many times have you heard:

I'm sure you have heard many other similar statements. When you hear these statements, try the "no bones" solution and see if it helps or cures your problem. It is surprising how many areas of dancing this affects.

If you let your muscles hang on your bones, you will be heavy and sluggish, but if you have no bones and use your muscles, you will feel light and nimble. When you have "no bones" your movements are immediate but if you have bones it takes time to tone your muscles before you can move.

The concept of having "no bones" results in using all of the muscles in your body all of the time. This improves balance, control, continuous connection, partnership, ease of movement, power, the feeling of "oneness", etc. It is much easier to put together two 2-legged animals to become a single 4-legged animal when the animals are pliable muscles rather than hard bones.

Convincing yourself that you have "no bones" will improve your dancing immediately.