Sharing The Joy Of Dancing
Ballroom Dancing in the Quad-City Area (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt)


OCTOBER 2016 Change The Perception Of Who You Are
SEPTEMBER 2016 Four-Legged Rules
AUGUST 2016 What Is Standardized Ballroom Dancing?
JULY 2016 Complete The Motion - Use The Handle Bar Stop
JUNE 2016 Don't Listen To The Beat Of The Music?
MAY 2016 The Psychology Of A Ballroom Dancer
APRIL 2016 Missing The "In-Place Step"
MARCH 2016 What Makes Good Ballroom Dance Musci?
FEBRUARY 2016 Why Ballroom Dance Shoes?
JANUARY 2016 "It's A Guy Thing"!!!
DECEMBER 2015 Singularity - The "Two-Headed Four-Legged Animal"
NOVEMBER 2015 The Secret To High Level Ballroom Dancing
OCTOBER 2015 Who's The Boss?
SEPTEMBER 2015 Syncopated Movements
AUGUST 2015 Four-Legged Momentum
JULY 2015 Ballroom Dancers: "Out Of Control"??
JUNE 2015 What Is The Lure Of Ballroom Dancing?
MAY 2015 Four Legged Balance
APRIL 2015 The Power Of Words
MARCH 2015 The Gentleman's Dilemma
FEBRUARY 2015 The Ladies Dilemma
JANUARY 2015 The "Singularity"
DECEMBER 2014 The Progress Beyond Follow And Lead
NOVEMBER 2014 Foxtrot Smooth
OCTOBER 2014 Ballroom Dance Step Speed And Feeling
SEPTEMBER 2014 Ballroom Isometrics
AUGUST 2014 Ballroom Swivels
JULY 2014 Full Body Dancing
JUNE 2014 Tiger / Lamb or Tiger / Tiger ?
MAY 2014 Ballrooom Dancing Is A Unique Sporting Activity
APRIL 2014 Learning Dance Patterns
MARCH 2014 The Physical Ballrooom Dance Relationship
FEBRUARY 2014 New Dancer Odds And Ends
JANUARY 2014 What Does A New Dancer Need to Know? - II
DECEMBER 2013 What Does A New Dancer Need to Know?
NOVEMBER 2013 Dance By Feeling Not By Mental Thought
OCTOBER 2013 How To Move In Samba
SEPTEMBER 2013 Step Movements Are Not The Same In Every Dance
AUGUST 2013 Let Mother Nature Control Your Movements
JULY 2013 Allow The Body To Be Alive And Free
JUNE 2013 What Is A "Singularity:?
MAY 2013 The Evolution To Singularity
APRIL 2013 Above And Below The Yin-Yang Core
MARCH 2013 Where Is Your Partner?
FEBRUARY 2013 Partnership Is A "2", "3" And "4" Legged Animal!!!
JANUARY 2013 Protecting Your Knees!!!
DECEMBER 2012 CBM - The Key To Continuity Movement
NOVEMBER 2012 How Low Can You Go?
OCTOBER 2012 What Is The "Left Side Lead" All About?
SEPTEMBER 2012 What Is The Difference Between Lessons And Training?
AUGUST 2012 No Dead Bodies Dancing
JULY 2012 Maintain Yoour Space In The Partners
JUNE 2012 Add "S P E F" To Your Dancing
MAY 2012 It's All In The Partnership
APRIL 2012 Turn "Touch" Into "Feeling"
MARCH 2012 Live In The Saddle
FEBRAURY 2012 It's All In The Ankles
JANUARY 2012 Use The Body's Natural Attributes
DECEMBER 2011 Strive To Become A Ccomplete Ballroom Dancer
NOVEMBER 2011 No Dead Men (Or Women) Dancing!!
OCTOBER 2011 What Is American Style Foxtrot And Waltz?
SEPTEMBER 2011 The Development Of A Ballroom Dancer
AUGUST 2011 Why Do I Ballroom Dance?
JULY 2011 What You "See" Is What You Get
JUNE 2011 There Is Always A Reason - Ask For It
MAY 2011 What Is The Theory Of Leading???
APRIL 2011 How Do I Learn To Ballroom Dance???
MARCH 2011 What Makes Ballroom Dances Feel Different?
FEBRUARY 2011 Ballroom Partners Speed Relationship
JANUARY 2011 Why Do All Of My Dances Look And Feel The Same?
DECEMBER 2010 How Do I Dance With Unknown Partners?
NOVEMBER 2010 The Ballroom Partners Physical Relationship
OCTOBER 2010 The Ballroom Dancer's Head Position
SEPTEMBER 2010 Ballroom Feelings
AUGUST 2010 Rise And Fall In All Dances
JULY 2010 Bodies/Legs And Steps?
JUNE 2010 What Is A Trained Dancer?
MAY 2010 It All Begins With The Frame
APRIL 2010 The Concepts Of Ballroom Balance
MARCH 2010 What Is Leading - Exactly?
FEBRUARY 2010 Ballroom Connections - More Than One?
JANUARY 2010 The Condundrum Of Trying To Lead
DECEMBER 2009 "Allow" The Body To Move
NOVEMBER 2009 Two-Legged & Four-Legged Rotation
OCTOBER 2009 How Do I Chose Ballroom Music?
SEPTEMBER 2009 Arm Styling
AUGUST 2009 Why Learn The Technical Aspects Of Ballroom Dancing?
JULY 2009 What Is The Difference Between Ballroom Two Step And Night Club Two Step?
JUNE 2009 Stablizing The Partnership
MAY 2009 What Determines The Speed Of A Dance?
APRIL 2009 Under Arm Turns: The Same - But Different
MARCH 2009 Creating The Characteristics Of A Dance
FEBRUARY 2009 What Are Invisible Connections?
JANUARY 2009 Men - What Does It Mean To Lead?
DECEMBER 2008 Ladies - What Is "Following"?
NOVEMBER 2008 Waltz - The Rise And Fall Of It
OCTOBER 2008 How Does The Four-Legged Animal Move?
SEPTEMBER 2008 The Art Of The Turn
AUGUST 2008 The Why Of Ballroom Dancing
JULY 2008 What Is Footwork All About?
JUNE 2008 Body Rhythm
MAY 2008 Dancers - Be Aware Of Your Focus
APRIL 2008 Partners May Move At Different Speeds
MARCH 2008 Four-Legged Feelings?
FEBRUARY 2008 It's Not "Myspace", It's "Her Space"
JANUARY 2008 "Allow" It
DECEMBER 2007 Men Are Very Visual
NOVEMBER 2007 Allow It Happen
OCTOBER 2007 Leader And Follower Think Very Differently
SEPTEMBER 2007 Ballroom Dancers Have Two Bodies?
AUGUST 2007 What Is This Two-Headed Four-Legged Creature?
JULY 2007 Four Legged Feelings
JUNE 2007 Not All Steps Are The Same
MAY 2007 Dancing Cha Cha To The Music
APRIL 2007 Music And Ballroom Dance Movement
MARCH 2007 Fundamentals Of Two-Headed Four-Legged Movement
FEBRUARY 2007 Too Many Rules In Ballroom Dancing
JANUARY 2007 Ballroom Dancing "Tells"
DECEMBER 2006 The Instructor Said… I Heard… My Interpretation Is…
NOVEMBER 2006 What Is The Learning Process For Ballroom Dancing?
OCTOBER 2006 Why Do Instructors Teach What They Teach?
SEPTEMBER 2006 No Connection, No Feeling, Just Patterns
AUGUST 2006 What Is The Right Way??
JULY 2006 Ladies: As Trained Dancers You Know . . .
JUNE 2006 Gentlemen: As Trained Dancers You Know . . .
MAY 2006 What Is Ballroom Dancing??
APRIL 2006 The Evolution Of A Ballroom Dancer
MARCH 2006 "You Be The Girl"
FEBRUARY 2006 You Learn To Dance By Dancing! ! !
JANUARY 2006 Understanding The Female Psyche
DECEMBER 2005 What Dance Are They Doing?
NOVEMBER 2005 Understanding The Male Psyche
OCTOBER 2005 The Partnership Moves From The Supporting Leg
SEPTEMBER 2005 Stop The Panic Of Cha Cha
AUGUST 2005 The Lead Is Too Early! ! !
JULY 2005 Be Light On Your Partner???
JUNE 2005 American Style Tango Bent Knee Movement
MAY 2005 Dance Frame Connections - 3, 2, 1, 0
APRIL 2005 Elementary My Dear Dancer
MARCH 2005 Lead And Follow Re-Defined
FEBRUARY 2005 What Is Clean Footwork?
JANUARY 2005 Ballroom Dancers Have No Arms
DECEMBER 2004 The Ballroom Dancers "Frame" Of Mind
OCTOBER 2004 Dancing Is What Happens Between The Steps
SEPTEMBER 2004 Musical Notations For Ballroom Dances
AUGUST 2004 How Do I Dance To The Music?
JULY 2004 How Does The Smooth - Modern Frame Work?
JUNE 2004 Where Does The "Lead" Come From?
MAY 2004 The Process Of How To Learn To Ballroom
APRIL 2004 What The Man Needs To Know
MARCH 2004 Footwork & Movement
FEBRUARY 2004 No Sharp Edges
JANUARY 2004 The Perception Of Speed
DECEMBER 2003 Dancing The Whole Body
NOVEMBER 2003 The Infamous Cucaracha
OCTOBER 2003 What Is A Strong Lead?
SEPTEMBER 2003 How Do You Want Your Dancing To Feel?
AUGUST 2003 The Continuation Of The Frame
JULY 2003 The Continuation Of Movement
JUNE 2003 Ballroom Illusions
MAY 2003 Social Dancing Guidelines
MARCH 2003 What Is Right And Wrong In Ballroom Dancing?
FEBRUARY 2003 Moving To The Music . . . It's Called "Dancing"
JANUARY 2003 Ballroom Dancers Have "No Bones" Part III
DECEMBER 2002 Ballroom Dancers Have "No Bones" Part II - The Frame
NOVEMBER 2002 Ballroom Dancers Have "No Bones"
OCTOBER 2002 What Is A Ballroom Dance?
APRIL 2002 Characteristics Of American Style Samba "Knees"
MARCH 2002 Characteristics Of Head Position
FEBRUARY 2002 Characteristics Of Direction Changes
JANUARY 2002 Characertisctis Of Style
DECEMBER 2001 Characteristics Of Shape And Separation
NOVEMBER 2001 Characteristics Of Being "One" With Your Partner
OCTOBER 2001 Characteristics Of Connection
AUGUST 2001 Characteristics Of Lock Steps
JULY 2001 Characteristics Of Swivels
JUNE 2001 Characteristics Of A Four Legged Animal
MAY 2001 Balance
APRIL 2001 The Intangible Characteristics Of Partnership
MARCH 2001 Characteristics Of American Style Footwork
JANUARY 2001 Differences Between The Smooth Dances
DECEMBER 2000 Characteristics Of Lead And Follow
NOVEMBER 2000 Characteristics Of The Latin Dance Frame
OCTOBER 2000 Characteristics Of The Smooth Dance Frame
June 2000 Characteristics Of American Style Latin Motion
July 1998 Role Playing In Partnership Dancing

JUNE 1998 What Is Ballroom Dancing
MAY 1998 The Rules Of Ettiquette
APRIL 1998 For Ladies Only
MARCH 1998 Learning To Ballroom Dance
FEBRUARY 1998 Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
JANUARY 1998 The Sound Of Music
DECEMBER 1997 The Sport Of Ballroom Dancing

SEPTEMBER 2002 Salsa Timing II
AUGUST 2002 Salsa Timing
JULY 2002 Salsa
FEBRUARY 2001 Ballroom Two Step
AUGUST 2000 American Style Viennese Waltz
MAY 2000 American Style Samba
APRIL 2000 East Coast Swing
JANUARY 2000 American Style Tango
NOVEMBER 1999 International Style Quickstep
OCTOBER 1999 Bolero
SEPTEMBER 1999 American Style Rumba
AUGUST 1999 American Style Waltz
JULY 1999 American Style Cha Cha
JUNE 1999 American Style Slow Foxtrot

JUNE 2002 East Coast Swing
MARCH 2000 Ballroom Two Step
FEBRUARY 2000 Cha Cha
MAY 1999 East Coast Swing
APRIL 1999 Tango
MARCH 1999 Vienesse Waltz
FEBrUARY 1999 Samba
JANUARY 1999 Waltz
DECEMBER 1998 Rumba
NOVEMBER 1998 Quickstep
OCTOBER 1998 Foxtrot
AUGUST 1998 Bolero