Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


Ballroom Dancing, at the higher levels, is a precise physical sport. It is a unique sport because the goal is to become a "Singularity" (not a partnership). Ballroom Dancing combines two physical entities into a single physical/logical entity (the "Singularity"). Now add to this; grace, power, music, and the fluidly of movement. The two dancers disappear into a single flowing physical entity.

Ballroom Dancers evolve just as in any other sport. In most sports, the evolution is usually of a single entity (a person as an individual or as a member of a team). In Ballroom Dancing the evolution is quite different. It starts off as two Individuals doing things in front of each other. The two then evolve to the Partnership stage (a sort of Yin/Yang relationship). The last stage is for the two to morph into a Singularity.

The beginning stage is basically two people facing each other learning and walking through foot patterns. There is very little awareness of the other person and almost no communication. The dancers are mostly concerned with foot patterns and element sequences. Partnership and music are secondary at this point of the evolution. The learning process is viewed and executed from an individual's perspective.

The next stage involves the evolution of the individuals into a single partnership. The goal is for the two individuals to act and move in unity. There is more awareness of the physical connection and the movement of the two is now more in unison. Music now starts to enter the process as well. Generally speaking, women are aware of the music almost immediately but because the man is leading, the music is more of a background consideration right now. There is a great deal of effort expended working on how to create a coordinated fluid partnership movement. Yin/Yang is a pretty good description of the function of the partnership. Yin/Yang is generally thought of as opposites (Male / Female, Leader / Follower, Forward / Backward, etc.).

The final and ultimate stage is to become a "Singularity". This basically means that the individuals cannot tell where one dancer begins and the other ends. This stage is more of a "state of being" rather than a physical co-existence. There is no male / female, no partnership, just a single entity with its own unique existence. There is no more "lead the lady" or "follow the lead". The movement is a single action (no action or reaction). There are no boundaries between the dancers. The male and female gender does not exist. They grow into a "Union" that is composed of both genders. The "Singularity" is seamless between genders.

Most dancers progress only through the first two stages. They are not even aware that the "Singularity" stage exists. Dancers can progress through the "Individual" stage and get a rough idea of the "Partnership" stage by taking Ballroom Dance Group Classes. Private Lessons are where the "Partnership" stage is solidified and the "Singularity" stage is created. A lot of the "Partnership" stage and most of the "Singularity" stage is all about "FEELING". This is almost impossible to teach in a Group Class environment. The instructor really needs to get his/her hands on the student to communicate the "Feeling" of the "Singularity".

Ballroom Dancing at the "Singularity" level is a very unique sport compared to all other sports. It is not an individual sport, a pairs sport or a team sport. It is a whole new state of existence created by growing two individuals into a very specific Union. I refer to it as a "Two-headed Four-legged animal. This animal has a single Union, a common Core, and a single Feeling of Being. It is truly unique. This "Singularity" can experience music, physical movement, power, feeling, etc. as a single entity. One key element of creating a "Singularity" is to allow physical connections and logical connections to be transparent.

The "Singularity" process evolves and evolves and evolves. You have to be patient because it is a very subtle progression from a "Partnership" to a "Singularity" and the transition never seems to end. You must allow the old Feelings of the "Partnership" to be replaced with the new Feelings of the "Singularity".

The "Singularity" (two-headed four-legged animal) is a complicated undertaking. However, the results will be well beyond what you could ever expect.