Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


The goal of Ballroom Dancing (basically all partnership dancing) is to become a single entity on the dance floor, the infamous "two-headed four-legged animal". In Ballroom Dancing, the two dancers evolve through a variety of stages, from a "Duality" to a "Singularity" (reference article 05/13, "The Evolution Of A Singularity").

If you analyze a person as a standalone entity, you would discover a being with a single physicality and a single consciousness. When a person moves, there is no thought or planning as how to step or what direction to move, etc., he or she just does it. If you add another person, everything changes. The mind immediately starts to try to figure out how to move with this additional body attached. The single body evolves into a duality (a partnership) of bodies. The single physicality and the single consciousness is lost, the singularity of movement is lost. The dancers just evolved from a single consciousness to a mental process and from a single physicality to a dual physicality. It is imperative that the two dancers maintain the character of a single dancer. The goal is for the "Singularity" of the "two-headed four-legged animal" to move as a single person.

At the highest of levels of Ballroom Dancing, dancers should avoid using all terms that relate to a "Duality"; partnership, connection, attraction, lead and follow, accommodate, coexist, etc. etc. Using these terms implies two entities by definition. This conditions the dancer to act and think as a "Duality" instead of as a single entity. Each dancer should be thought of as one half of the whole ("Singularity"), not as one half of a partnership. There should be no clear physical boundary between the dancers. The physicality should be like "a can of worms", all inter-twined. You can't tell where one dancer starts and the other dancer ends.

The "Singularity" "can of worms" is inter-twined, active, and alive. We do not want the "Singularity" to be a "can of spaghetti" which is still inter-twined, but inactive, and dead. The more active the bodies are, the easier it is to be a "Singularity". I wrote an article a while back (08/12), called "No Dead Bodies Dancing". It referred to dancing only with the feet and legs, no body involved. We don't want the dancers to be a "Duality"; we want them to be a single entity, a "two-headed four-legged animal", a "Singularity".

"Singularity" is as much a psychological attitude as much as it is a physical condition. What you think and what you believe influences how you move (as a "Duality" or as a "Singularity"). The phycology of being a single entity may be a difficult transition. There is no more accommodating your partner, there is no partner. There is a single entity that moves as itself. We don't want the dancers to think, we want them to be conscious. There is a big difference between thinking to do something and consciously doing it. This "Singularity" is not possible without both dancers participating both consciously and physically.

"Singularity" is not a mentality, it is a consciousness. "Singularity" is not a "Duality" of two dancers; it is an all-encompassing single consciousness and a single physiology. By creating a "Singularity" state of mind, the "Singularity" of movement is possible and likely.

Words can be very powerful; changing a single word can change how you feel and how you act. I always talk about the infamous "two-headed four-legged animal" which is the "Singularity". I also talk about the "four-legged feeling" which means a single feeling for the "Singularity". I probably could have chosen a better word than "feeling". Feeling can mean: a feeling of joy, happiness, contentment, etc. but it can also mean: a feeling of pain, anger, anxiety, etc. It may have been better if I would have used the word "Pleasure". "Pleasure" has the connotation of all things good (for example: we would like the "Pleasure" of "Singularity" not the Pain of "Singularity"). Since the beginning of Ballroom Dancing, the gentleman has asked the lady: "May I have the Pleasure of this dance?" and the lady would reply: "Yes, It would be my Pleasure".

It is hard to describe the "Pleasure" of being a "Singularity" and in the beginning it comes and goes and may be quite fleeting. There is a tendency to slip back into the "Duality" because that is what is normal up to now. The goal is for "Singularity" to be the normal. Ultimately there is no "partnership", no "lead and follow", just a single "consciousness" and a single "physicality", the complete "Singularity". There is just one BEING on the dance floor.