Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


Our goal in partnership dancing is to become "ONE" with our partner. I'm sure you have seem couples on the dance floor and one couple is so much better than the other couples on the floor but they are doing basically the same patterns. You know they are better dancers but don't know why. When you see very good dancers you don't see a man and a woman dancing together, you see a single entity.

The concept of the two partners changing from two two-legged animals to a single four-legged animal is how this is accomplished. Just as each partner has a center of gravity, so too does the partnership. This common center is what joins the two partners into a single four-legged entity. It is imperative that each partner changes the physics and geometry of who they were, into the physics and geometry of the four-legged entity. Just as you "know" where your arms and legs are and what they are doing, you need to be able to "know" the same about the other half of your four-legged animal.

The frame is the primary connection to your other half. It needs to be strong enough to feel your other half, yet be as light as possible to allow freedom of movement. Once you go through the mechanics of the feeling of the partnership and start to get it into muscle memory, an amazing transformation takes place. The partnership no longer has a feeling of trying to keep two partners together, but a feeling of a single entity that just happens to have four legs, two heads, etc. The connection becomes more and more intuitive, and less and less physical.

I know that some of you ladies have danced with partners that you just disappear into the partnership and that magical feeling. Unfortunately, the lady can only dance as well as her partner leads. The lady cannot achieve this feeling by herself.

The four-legged animal concept is very logical and based on the physics and geometry (of the four legged animal). Since someone has to control this four-legged entity, the man has been designated the leader. However, he must know what his other half is going to do, what body position she needs to be in, etc. The leader really needs to understand the lady's part and dance her as if she is part of him. The lady must become part of the leader and feel and be a four-legged entity.

When this concept is perfected, the feeling is like no other. There is a magical, cosmic oneness. This is why partnership dancing is so addictive.