Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


There is a monumental difference between a ballroom dancer and a "trained" ballroom dancer. There are many things going on in ballroom dancing that are not visible or obvious. Sometimes they seem very counter intuitive and illogical. My definition of a "trained" ballroom dancer is someone that understands the very core of four-legged movement and the feelings generated from these movements.

I have not seen anyone that can develop this by themselves. Ballroom dancing has been evolving for generations. Dancers have been working very hard to try to determine what is the best and most efficient way for this two-headed four-legged animal to move. This movement also has to accommodate the character of each dance (rise/fall in Waltz for example).

Here are just a few of the things the lady knows and does as a "trained" dancer. These are in no particular order.

Ballroom dancing is ultimately all about "feeling". It is really what happens between the steps that creates the feeling. Most of what is creating the feeling is not visible, it happens internal to the two-headed four legged animal. This is the "trained" dancer's primary focus.