Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


There doesn't seem to be such a thing as an "authentic" style of Salsa. People from the streets of Cali, Colombia dance differently from those in the clubs of Havana, Cuba. Cubans living in Miami dance differently to those from Cuba. People from all around the world have developed their own interpretation of the Salsa music and created many variations of their own. The only thing that they all seem to have in common is the Salsa music.

Salsa is a "free-style" or "street dance" unlike the standardized dances we have in Ballroom. That is why there are as many Salsa dance styles as there are people dancing. Many distinctive Salsa styles have developed in different parts of the world (New York Style, Cuban Style, Miami Style, etc.).

These styles are almost impossible to define because Salsa is a "street dance" and each dancer or instructor develops their own version of the style. All these styles together (generally known as Salsa) contain a huge repertoire of moves, turn patterns and interpretations of the salsa rhythm.

Los Angeles has evolved it's own style of salsa. L.A. Style Salsa is exciting, elegant and sensual. It has been influenced by other Salsa styles, Jazz, Swing and Ballroom. The modern dancers of today continue to refine the L.A. Style. Most L.A. Style patterns are based on the "cross body lead" (where the man leads the lady across his body) and rely on a strong foundation of basic dance principles (partnership, balance, connection, power, etc.). As with all the Salsa styles, L.A. Style has it's variations as well. It's one of the most popular salsa styles around the world today. So you may ask: "What Salsa Style do you teach?" I have decided to call my style "Mile High L.A. Style Salsa"!!!

Mile High L.A. Style Salsa contains the following elements:

Quick, Quick, Slow Timing
Breaks On the "1" Beat
Based on the Cross Body Lead
American Style Latin Motion
Ballroom Latin Frame
Ballroom Latin Footwork

If you can't wait to learn to Salsa, come join us at the Adult Center of Prescott on Wednesdays in August.