Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


Let's see how the "No Bones" theory applies to basic movement. Some of the fundamentals of movement we are always trying to achieve are: in Latin I always have a constant "Samba Tic" feeling, in Smooth I always have a crease in my trousers where my legs connect to my body (makes room for the lady in partnership), use both legs all of the time, the free foot almost always has about 2% of your weight, reach to the floor, be grounded and power is initiated from the supporting leg.

Try this: Sit on a hard chair or on a hard table and feel that your butt bones are sitting on the hard surface with no padding. Now, remove your bones and activate the muscles from your butt to the top of your head. You will feel your body stretch and as it does you will feel the small of your back curve in toward your belly button, your stomach muscles will pull in, you will feel your butt muscles under your butt bones and your head will lift up. While standing up, this same action will create the "Samba Tic" for Latin and the crease in the trousers for smooth. Understand that the Tic and crease are a result of the whole body action not an individual part .

Walk across the dance floor very casually. Do you feel how sluggish, clunky and kind of floppy and slightly out of control you feel? This is because your are just flopping the bones and muscles along with the very least amount of effort. A four-legged animal (partnership) cannot survive in this manner. It must be toned and in control at all times. The four-legged animal is not a casual relationship. Now walk across the floor with "attitude", "purpose", "poise", "walk tall", "at attention", etc. All of these words cause your body to get rid of your bones and activate all of your muscles. Now when you walk across the floor, you will feel tall, in control, light, powerful, balanced, nimble, etc. Why? Because your muscles are in control and you are not trying to balance on your bones (taking the easiest way out).

When you move with the muscles in your legs, ankles, and feet, you are in immediate control of your movement, balance and partnership. Your muscles are toned and ready to respond to any corrective action that needs to take place. These corrections happen unconsciously without thought because our body feels it through the muscle connection. When you use your muscles, you will be grounded and it feels like you have to reach into the floor. It forces you to use both legs all of the time, etc.

Again, try "No Bones" and you will be further pleased with the improvement in your dancing.