Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


Let's see how the "No Bones" theory applies to the frame. The purpose of the frame is to connect the two two-legged animals (the leader and follower) to make a single four-legged animal (the partnership). The frame allows each half of the four-legged animal to feel what the other half is doing. The partnership connection must be direct and immediate. There cannot be any lag time between what one partner is doing and what the other is feeling. This communication link (the frame) goes both directions. The ideal connection is not too heavy, not too light, directly connected, flexible, constant, and feeling.

The next time you drive your car observe the following: As you are driving down the road, notice how your hands and arms are just hanging on the steering wheel. You are only using a few muscles in your fingers to hook on to the steering wheel and the rest of the bones and muscles in your hands, arms and even your shoulders are just hanging there. Can you feel how heavy it feels? You also have to energize your muscles before you can turn the steering wheel. This slows down your response time. Now try getting rid of your bones and activate the muscles in your hands, arms and shoulders to drive the car. It will feel very light yet controlled because your muscles are already toned and ready to go. This how you want the frame of your partnership to feel.

The frame is a direct muscled connection to your partner (not frozen and stiff). The connection is not static. It is alive and active. Both sides of the frame are constantly participating in the partnership. Although the frame is physically connecting the partners in the general area of the shoulders, the logical connection of the partners in through the center of the partnership. The power and movement always passes through the partnership's center.

Try incorporating the "No Bones" technique into your every day life not just on the dance floor and you will be very pleased with the improvement in your dancing.